Enthuse Projects

DTSA works on Enthuse Partnerships in conjunction with employers and STEM Learning.  If you would like to be one of these employers and fund one of our projects in the East Midlands then please contact Finance@DTSA.org.uk.

ENTHUSE Partnerships improve young people’s attainment and engagement in STEM subjects and develop awareness and understanding of STEM careers, contributing to the Gatsby Careers Benchmarks.

At the heart of every ENTHUSE Partnership is a collaboration between 8-10 schools or colleges, supported by coaching from a DTSA colleague over 2 years.

Each Partnership will develop a tailored two-year action plan, including:

  • teacher CPD combining local and online courses
  • free, curated and quality-assured resources
  • engaging with STEM Ambassadors to inspire young people
  • STEM Clubs to engage young people and develop practical skills

Benefits and impact

Impact on young people:

  • increased attainment in STEM subjects, narrowing the gap for disadvantaged students.
  • increased interest in STEM careers: more students interested in working in STEM industries.
  • increased understanding of STEM careers: more students aware of the qualifications and routes to progress in STEM

Impact on teachers:

  • increased subject and pedagogical knowledge
  • more confident and able to link their teaching to STEM careers
  • better equipped to draw on the opportunities offered by STEM employers
  • more able to support STEM enrichment activities

Who are we working with?

DTSA are working with the following Enthuse partnerships

LC logo background

Lead School: Loughborough College (September 2021 to March 2024) coached by Jane Elmer.

Partner schools: Derby College; Humphrey Perkins; Landau Forte College; Limehurst Academy; Loughborough College (Lead School); UTC Derby Pride Park; and West Nottinghamshire College.

What is this partnership aiming to achieve?

  • Improved STEM skills for students transitioning from GCSEs to A level sciences and maths.
  • Improve development of employability skills for STEM related careers
  • Improve development of STEM skills for students transitioning from A level sciences and maths to STEM related degrees and apprenticeships


  • Feeder schools encouraged to do practical work in Biology and chemistry to encourage uptake of A-Level sciences.
  • Biology STEM Clubs encouraging A-Level experiments and new STEM Clubs for Physics and Chemistry.
  • Students who attended above practical work are now considering at least one science A-Level.
  • Collaboration with Loughborough University to improve uptake of STEM degree courses and collaborate on projects.
  • Introduction of AS Further Maths.
  • Working with employers identified soft skills that students could develop: Communication skills and critical thinking and problem solving, growth mindset and learning skills, resilience.
  • Arranging for a group of STEM students to visit local STEM employers.
rockingham-primary 1

Lead School: Rockingham Primary (June 2022 to May 2024) coached by Jane Elmer.

Partner schools: Briar Hill Primary School & Nursery, Cedar Road Primary School, Eastfield Academy, Edward Heneage Primary Academy, Kings Heath Primary Academy, Quay Academy, Rockingham Primary School (Lead School), The Arbours Primary Academy, Wold Academy.

What is this partnership aiming to achieve?

  • Raising aspirations through new experiences, personal development and exposure to new people and places with STEAM career focuses.
  • Developing an understanding of how science is used in the real world and STEM careers.
  • Enhancing science capital and developing through enrichment opportunities in addition to their current curriculum.


  • The Trust delivered an interim impact review, sharing good practice across the trust with leads receiving STEM Learning CPD with an emphasis on curriculum design to ensure opportunities.
  • EYFS teachers, first year ECTs and Science leads have STEM Ambassadors and sessions have been delivered by a geologist, an engineer and a forensic scientist so far, with further activities planned across al schools
  • All schools completed a sustainability audit as part of Earth Day with members of the school community looking at how they can enhance their futures.
  • Identified enrichment opportunities outlining the three disciplines of science and where science capital can be developed with ‘Super Scientists’ delivering STEM clubs and money being spent on STEM club resources and trips.
  • The results of an inclusivity and diversity homework challenge was shared and celebrated across the Trust schools and Twitter.
  • Whole community meeting has been planned to discuss engagement and ‘motivating the elephant’.
  • Jane Banham helped to personalise CPD to meet the needs of the trust.
  • The Royal Institution delivered a Science in Schools Day, CPD for staff on working practically in the classroom, and a community science show for parents, carers and families to attend. The turnout was amazing.

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