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Ever wondered how STEM Learning resources could benefit you?

Their case studies look into how their resources are making a huge difference in the classroom. Learn more about how educators are using our resources.

Hertha Ayrton


For her work in electric arc lighting, British engineer and inventor Hertha Ayrton became the first woman elected to the Institution of Electrical Engineers. She was also an active part of the women’s suffrage movement.


Take a virtual wander around the STEM Learning Careers Fair.

This years teachers and young people can explore presentations, information, discussion topics and opportunities in STEM led careers.

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Earth Science

A selection of resources from the Association for Science Education (ASE) which support earth science teaching for students aged 11-16.

Science Catalyst magazine

New edition of Catalyst magazine is live!

Issue 41 has a biomedical science focus, including a feature on how one study in particular has already helped save over a million lives from COVID-19.

Biology Week

Biology Week

To showcase the important and amazing world of bioscience during Biology Week STEM Learning has some amazing resource collections to share with secondary teachers.

From plant project starters to a cluster of practical biotechnology activities there is something to stimulate debate amongst your students.

Meteor Shower Guide for 2021

How to spot a meteor shower: There are several spectacular night sky displays throughout the year. Find out when to keep an eye out!

Do you know how much it costs to run a WiFi router?

Supporting curriculum planning in science

Supporting curriculum planning in science, from the EEF Blog

Secondary science teacher and EEF specialist, Dr. Niki Kaiser, introduces new Best Evidence in Science Teaching (BEST) resources designed to support teachers with curriculum planning.

An early lightbulb moment for me, as a teacher, was understanding that a resource doesn’t make a lesson. You have to plan around what you want pupils to learn, rather than choosing an activity as a starting point and building from there…

‘Viruses and Vaccines’ activity resources

The ‘Viruses and Vaccines’ activity resources have been developed by a team of pathologists, creatives and public engagement practitioners to facilitate informed discussions about viruses and vaccines. The collection includes art-science resources, guides to hands-on STEM activities for schools, video interviews and guides, and an FAQs section.

Use these free resources to explore the fascinating world of viruses, and to understand more about the science behind COVID-19, immunity and vaccines. Pathologists are invited to use the resources as a way to open conversations about these topics with the public, and we’re hopeful they will help dispel common myths and misconceptions.

Electronic structure

Learn how the electrons are arranged in the different energy levels or shells of an atom with this quiz game.

Secondary Science Resources

Physics worksheets

Secondary school physics worksheets & science teaching resources.