STEM Ambassador

For Teachers and Parents

STEM Ambassadors volunteer their time and expertise to promote STEM to young people in original, creative, practical, and engaging ways. At the STEM Ambassador Hub North Midlands (Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire), South & East Yorkshire, we look after almost 3000 brilliant and inspiring volunteers supporting the STEM curriculum in schools, raising awareness of STEM careers, and supporting STEM activities in the community. STEM Ambassadors cross all ages and backgrounds, representing a vast spectrum of different employers.

STEM Ambassadors make an impact by:

  • Supporting learning: help young people to understand the real world applications of their learning
  • Illuminating careers: showcase different roles and pathways into industry, raising awareness of important skills in the workplace.
  • Raising aspirations: help young people meet a wide range of inspiring role models, encouraging them to think about their future.


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For Employers

STEM Ambassadors help employers connect with young people, inspiring them to become the next generation of STEM professionals. Through outreach programmes in schools, colleges and out-of-school groups, your support can help grow the UK’s workforce with talented and passionate individuals. STEM Learnings network of 33,000 STEM Ambassadors, from 7,000 employers, volunteer over 640,000 hours a year to make this happen. 


The STEM Ambassador programme is designed flexibly, offering you to set a level of involvement which meets your needs, and the opportunity for your employees to volunteer in a variety of ways.  

Discover how you can improve employees’ skills and motivation whilst also inspiring the next generation of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) professionals in this short video.


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Further information about the STEM Ambassador programme can be found in the STEM Learning STEM Ambassador Employer Handbook.