Science Learning with Rockingham Primary School

Science Learning with Rockingham Primary School


We love to see how the children at Rockingham Primary are getting on with their science learning!


“Class 8 exploring how far cars travel on a ramp with different materials @RockinghamPri” @rockinghamrh3


Digestive system @RockinghamPri  class 8 have a great understanding on acids breaking down foods with this experiment”


Another science observation in class 8. We have learnt how the digestive system works! @RockinghamPri”


“Class 13 had a fantastically fun Science lesson this afternoon exploring the lifecycles of birds and reptiles 🐦🦎 They recreated these using modelling clay


Rockingham Primary is an Enthuse Partner Lead School: (June 2022 to May 2024) coached by Jane Elmer.

Partner schools: Briar Hill Primary School & Nursery, Cedar Road Primary School, Eastfield Academy, Edward Heneage Primary Academy, Kings Heath Primary Academy, Quay Academy, Rockingham Primary School (Lead School), The Arbours Primary Academy, Wold Academy.


What is this partnership aiming to achieve?

  • Raising aspirations through new experiences, personal development and exposure to new people and places with STEAM career focuses.
  • Developing an understanding of how science is used in the real world and STEM careers.
  • Enhancing science capital and developing through enrichment opportunities in addition to their current curriculum.


DTSA works on Enthuse Partnerships in conjunction with employers and STEM Learning. If you would like to be one of these employers, and fund one of our projects in the East Midlands, then please contact


Read more about our Enthuse Partners here.

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