Why Choose DTSA

Why choose DTSA

We have an excellent employment record with 100% of our trainees getting their first teaching post on successful completion of the course.

  • The course is a full time practical course learning in school, working with professional teachers.
  • We offer very good academic and pastoral support for all our trainees throughout the whole course.

“Amazing support from DTSA always available to discuss any issues always given good advice and has looked out for each and every one of us.”

  • We include high quality professional dialogue with you to ensure the course matches your experience and development requirements.


Many Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a teacher are answered on the following site: http://www.education.gov.uk/get-into-teaching/faqs/becoming-a-teacher.aspx

What our current students have to say…

University of Derby

University of Derby

  • We have a well-established partnership with the University of Derby enabling us to provide a well-balanced course of both academic development and practical teaching application.
  • We will ensure that each trainee is allocated an excellent mentor in their school to enable them to enhance their class teaching skills and knowledge on a graduated training programme. Our mentors attend regular network/training meetings (led by DTSA) to ensure they keep their skills up to date and for them to share good practices. Your relationship with your mentor is key and we carefully monitor the quality of mentoring by including taking feedback from trainees on the programme.
  • We encourage all our trainees to support each other – sharing ideas and experiences throughout the programme.
STEM Learning

Science Learning Partnership

Free science training at Primary level on Science to help with course content and practical ideas for teaching.

Devonshire Educational Trust

Chatsworth Education Trust

Free outdoor learning training using cross curriculum links embedding creativity into all topics in conjunction with the Chatsworth Education Trust.