The Role and Responsibilities of the NQT

Appropriate Body Role and responsibility of the NQT

The NQT should:

  • provide evidence that they have QTS and are eligible to start induction;
  • meet with their mentor to discuss and agree priorities for their induction programme and keep these under review;
  • agree with their mentor how best to use their reduced timetable allowance;
  • provide evidence of their progress against the relevant standards;
  • participate fully in the agreed monitoring and development programme;
  • raise any concerns with their mentor as soon as practicable;
  • consult their Appropriate Body named contact at an early stage if there are or may be difficulties in resolving issues with their tutor/within the institution;
  • keep track of and participate effectively in the classroom observations, progress reviews and formal assessment meetings;
  • agree with their mentor the start and end dates of the induction period/part periods and the dates of any absences from work during any period/part period; and
  • retain copies of all assessment forms.