The Role and Responsibilities of the Headteacher

Appropriate Body role and Responbilities of Headteachers

The Headteacher is, along with the Appropriate Body, jointly responsible for the monitoring, support and assessment of the NQT during induction, and should:

  • check that the NQT has been awarded QTS;
  • clarify whether the teacher needs to serve an induction period or is exempt;
  • agree, in advance of the NQT starting the induction programme, which Body will act as the Appropriate Body;
  • notify the Appropriate Body when an NQT is taking up a post in which they will be undertaking induction;
  • meet the requirements of a suitable post for induction;
  • ensure the mentor is appropriately trained and has sufficient time to carry out their role effectively;
  • ensure an appropriate and personalised induction programme is in place;
  • ensure the NQTs progress is reviewed regularly, including through observations and feedback of their teaching;
  • ensure that termly assessments are carried out and reports completed and sent to the Appropriate Body;
  • maintain and retain accurate records of employment that will count towards the induction period;
  • make the governing Body aware of the arrangements that have been put in place to support NQTs serving induction;
  • make a recommendation to the Appropriate Body on whether the NQTs performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory or requires an extension;
  • participate appropriately in the Appropriate Body’s quality assurance procedures; and
  • retain all relevant documentation/evidence/forms on file for six years.


There may also be circumstances where the Headteacher should:

  • obtain interim assessments from the NQTs previous post;
  • act early, alerting the Appropriate Body when necessary, in cases where an NQT may be at risk of not completing induction satisfactorily;
  • ensure third-party observation of an NQT who may be at risk of not performing satisfactorily against the relevant standards;
  • notify the Appropriate Body as soon as absences total 30 days or more;
  • periodically inform the governing Body about the institution’s induction arrangements;
  • advise and agree with the Appropriate Body in exceptional cases where it may be appropriate to reduce the length of the induction period or deem that it has been satisfactorily completed;
  • provide interim assessment reports for staff moving in between formal assessment periods; and
  • notify the Appropriate Body when an NQT serving induction leaves the institution.
  • In addition to the above, Headteachers of independent schools (including academies and free schools) and nursery schools must also ensure the NQTs post and responsibilities comply with the specific requirements for statutory induction in these settings.