Deb Outhwaite co-convenes a Research Interest Group (RIG) with colleagues Ann Kendrick at Cumbria and Paul Close from SHU, with BELMAS on Leadership, Preparation, and Development (LPD). This monitors the changes that are taking place nationally in the area of LPD with regard to the self-improving school system and school-to-school support.

These practitioner focussed RIG’s are an opportunity for those interested in the Self-Improving School System (SISS), School to School Support (S2SS) and the work of Teaching School Alliances (TSA’s), and the Teaching Schools Council (TSC) – ie those who run TSA’s to engage with academics who are interested in researching this area.

Meetings are held twice a year, and have so far resulted in some interesting conferences; a book chapter; some academic papers; a Special Edition of Management in Education; and some papers to the BELMAS annual conference.

Our next research meeting is on Thursday November 8th, at the Enterprise Centre, University of Derby, all welcome, please book through this link: BELMAS Research Meeting

(Forthcoming Aug 2018) Outhwaite, D. and Soni, D. (2018), ‘The role of a Specialist Leader of Education in England: position, timing, challenges and opportunities’, In School type diversification in England and the United States of America: Implications for school leader preparation programs, Storey,V.A. (Ed), University of Central Florida, Information Age Publishing, Inc.

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