DGP External Membership Packages

DGP External Memberships. Learn more about the discounted partner packages we can offer your governing board below.


DGP External Membership Package 1. We have partnered with the National Governance Association to offer discounted membership packages to help you and your board keep up-to-date and engaged with all things governance.

Details of each type of membership and it’s benefits can be found below. If you are looking to buy multiple items in advance, please email booking@dtsa.org.uk to discuss.

NGA Membership


DGP Membership Package 2. The School Bus Compliance Manager is a cloud-based document management system that will assist your school in ensuring it is compliant with any legislative changes in the education sector. While storing, managing and keeping an audit trail of your documents, you will receive notifications of any changes in legislation and DfE guidance to guarantee your school’s statutory and good practice documents are up-to-date.

DTSA are working in conjunction with The School Bus to bring you a reduced price annual subscription service, only available through DTSA. Licences are granted on a site basis for all employees and governors related to that site at no extra cost.

Take advantage of these savings by emailing booking@dtsa.org.uk or call 01332 706806.

The School Bus