Continuing Professional Learning and Development

DTSA offers high quality CPLD in Leadership, Core Subjects, SEND, NQT/RQT, Teaching and Learning as well as providing bespoke whole school CPLD packages. We aim to help you develop and maintain good to outstanding practice and to create a culture where professional dialogue and reflection enable you to achieve excellence across your whole school.


We offer training courses at a number of local venues in the Derby and Derbyshire area. We can work with you to plan a whole school INSET day or design a planned CPLD strategy so that our trainers and consultants can work with your staff to deliver high quality, cost effective continuing professional development for teachers and leaders.


Our sessions are based on in-depth research and identified best practice and delivered by colleagues with a deep understanding of pedagogy and andragogy. Our trainers are highly skilled and include local Specialist Leaders of Education at Primary and Secondary levels who can support you in moving your improvement plans forward to have a positive impact on pupil outcomes and teacher well being.


Our offer is reviewed every year to ensure that it remains relevant within a challenging landscape and contains best practice at all levels as we believe that it is essential to deliver across all levels and sectors.

COVID-19 and delivery of courses

We have moved our Summer term networks and courses online using video conferencing software wherever possible. We anticipate returning to physical meetings in the Autumn subject to government guidelines. Should physical meetings not be possible, we will continue to use video conferencing software and we will confirm this in the joining instructions. Online meetings will be run at a reduced cost and partial refunds issued. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.