Leadership Conference 2019

Cross-Phase Leadership Conference

“I have attended a number of conferences over the years with DTSA despite being from a different county. Myself and colleagues have had an incredibly inspirational and thought provoking 2 days which EVERYONE would have benefitted from being part of. Well done DTSA!”

21 November 2019

This year celebrated our fifteenth year of our cross-phase Leadership Conference which is inclusive of all schools and phases. The two-day residential conference, held at Eastwood Hall in Nottingham is open to all aspiring leaders, senior leaders and executive personnel and is well regarded as a key networking and CPD opportunity for our school leaders across Derbyshire and beyond.

The cross-phase leadership conference brings high quality inputs from internationally recognised speakers and workshop leaders and these inputs enable delegates to:

  • think about your practise in a reflective space
  • rejuvenate yourselves and your team members
  • have sessions facilitated by experts in education who can tease out your thinking from the keynotes and make it relevant to your own educational contexts


Speakers in 2019 included Jaz Ampaw-Farr, David Cameron, Rachel Lofthouse and Nina Jackson, plus a range of workshops and a market place.

Traditionally there is dinner and quiz, opportunities to walk in the grounds, use of the spa and pool, and of course, the bar! Informal networking opportunities are encouraged with a range of academics from education to challenge our thinking and help us to get the most out of our time away from school. DTSA members also have the opportunity to attend our AGM.


2019 Key Note Speakers and Facilitators

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Jaz Ampaw-Farr began her career as a teacher and is passionate about children’s education and learning. She delivers inspirational keynotes, interactive workshops and transformative coaching, looking at the impact you have on the lives of others – how you’re an Everyday Hero and how what you do makes a difference. Whether you lead a team, class of students or family, your super powers can be enhanced by having clarity around WHY you do what you do. Jaz talks about how her life was transformed by just five teachers whose WHY was to be human first and professional second.

David Cameron

David Cameron is a highly experienced educator and a speaker who combines an overview of education – from policy making at national level to knowing what makes children tick in a real classroom, and everything in between. David uses this unique perspective to empower educators across the UK to cut through the policies and practices that get in the way of simply doing the best possible job they can, in a way that makes sense for everyone.

Professor Rachel Lofthouse

Rachel has a specific interest in the link between practice development and professional learning for teachers and educators, based on innovative pedagogies, curriculum design and collaborative practices for coaching and mentoring. She works with student teachers and their school-based mentors and coaches, teachers, Master’s and Doctoral students and school leaders. Rachel supports her learners in building their workplace expertise while developing critical reflection and their ability to contribute to, and draw productively on, the evidence base for teaching and learning.

Nina Jackson

Nina’s background is in mainstream and special needs education with many years’ experience in schools as a pedagogical and pastoral champion; Nina has a grasp of what makes classrooms – and all the people in them – tick. She is a highly creative educator and her first book explored her research on how music can improve learning and motivation in all classrooms. Nina’s latest best-selling book, ‘Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons: A Compendium of Careful Advice for Teachers’, is helping to put the ‘fizz’ back into classrooms for thousands of teachers. For Nina, classrooms need to have the ‘hard stuff’ in place – rigour, systems, expectations and a professionally inclusive approach to the achievement of all children, combined with the ‘fizz’ – the magic, the excitement, the emotional engagement, the sense of wonder and the passion for teaching and learning.

Felicity King

Felicity King looks after the profession from the inside out with her “reset not inset” mantra. Reset not inset is a truly human approach to leadership and fellowship. Delivering significant cost savings by recharging and nurturing the innate well-being of our precious teachers, while restoring human connection at the heart of education. Turning down the noise of agenda and process, restoring teacher well-being and increased classroom productivity and securing recruitment and retention for the future.

Dr Deborah Outhwaite

Deborah Outhwaite has run an Education MA at the Centre for Teacher Education, University of Warwick for the last three years, and taught on a range of programmes at the University of Derby, having spent the last decade educating teachers to Masters level whilst researching the self-improving school system (SISS). A qualified 11-18 teacher, Deb taught Social Sciences in secondary education for 12 years prior to her university teaching and was an A-Level Government & Politics examiner for European Politics. Her Education Doctorate was on Educational Leadership in the IB, and was awarded in 2017. Deb co-convenes the Leadership Preparation and Development Research Interest Group (RIG) for BELMAS, and she is an elected member of BELMAS Council.

Dr Sarah Younie

Sarah Younie is Professor of Education and Innovation. She teaches on the MA and BA programmes, and supervises research students in educational technology, innovation, pedagogy, professional development and management of change. Sarah’s areas of expertise include change management (school development and leadership) and Education policy (policy implementation) and she has held national positions as the UK Chair of ITTE, which liaises with government agencies on technology and policy.